Отгадай супергероя по описанию (задание для 5 кл.)

Guess the name of a comic book character by his description.

1. This superhero is able to pass into parallel worlds. He can think, read, and react at unbelievable speeds. He can move so fast that he can travel in time.
2. His costume is made of special material like armor. His uses his clothes to jump safely from heights. He uses lots of high tech gadgets, martial arts and high intelligence to combat criminals. This character does not have any specific powers.
3. This character is a genius engineer, but once he was kidnapped and had problems with his heart. He has got great strength, the ability to fly, and a number of weapons because he made a powerful suit which saves his life and helps him fight enemies. He has got very smart and useful digital assistant.
4. His alter ego is a reporter from a city newspaper. This character`s powers include incredible strength and X-ray vision, super hearing, and super breath. He is almost unstoppable. He was found as a baby and adopted by a farmer and his wife.
5. This person has got his fantastic physical strength because of radioactive experiment. In the moment of anger he transforms into a monster with primitive feelings and strange colour.
6. This character gains his super powers from his special artefact. It can help him fly, hypnotize people, to become invisible, to translate languages and to paralyze enemies.
7. He has lots of enemies. He can feel danger and move easily even on glass surface. He can catch different objects in the distance.
8. This comic character is very strong and fast, with ability to regeneration. His weapon are his unusual hands.